A Healthy Challenge

Our Body Is The Outward Part of who we are.


It is the part of us that we and everyone else can see and touch. It is our eye color, our hair color, our height, and our weight. Each body is an amazing, unique creation. Once I began to believe I had a water walking, giant slaying, history making destiny I was faced with the question: “How in the world am I ever going to carry out my purpose in this life if I am tired, lethargic, and overweight?” My answer came quickly and simply—I won’t! I can’t! And that was simply unacceptable. My dad inspired me to get moving – quick!


As I type these words, he is in Africa, feeding widows and orphans. He is seventy-seven years old and has been to Africa eight times within the last eight years. He has built a church by hand, planted so many gardens I have lost count, dug water wells (again by hand), walked for miles in the bush and up mountains just to talk with his Creator and love on some of who he believes are God’s favorite people – African children My dad is walking on water and smack dab in the middle of his destiny. My dad can do all of this because he has taken care of his body every day of his life. At seventy-seven, he can’t just rely on a good gene pool! He has practiced his entire life good stewardship of his body. He exercises like crazy no matter the weather outside. He eats healthy and maintains a positive attitude. He doesn’t make excuses. He never blames anyone and takes responsibility for his own health and life.


I found I must do the same to be and do all I am created to. But I needed some help – some accountability. It was scary and definitely took courage to step on a scale and let someone see the number! I thought I would die of embarrassment. But I didn’t and you won’t either. If like me, you need help in this area, call someone who loves you and tell them of your commitment. Ask them to hold you accountable in a very practical way. Have them call you and ask you if you exercised each day. Keep a food journal and read it to them daily. Find other ways to be accountable to your partner. You can have victory in this area of your life! You must if you are going to run the race prepared for you. Someone is waiting for you to be you. Don’t let them down. Don’t let your weight or health keep you from doing all you were created to.


My prayer for you today is that you will have the faith to believe you can have victory in this area of your life. I long for you, and for me, to choose to believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made as we take responsibility for the care and good stewardship of our bodies. I want you to have all the strength and energy required to be and do all God created you for. Take courage!