Be A World Changer

The First People To Hear My Grandmother
Mimi’s Eulogy Were A Group Of Little Kids.

The day I received that phone call that she had passed away was a Sunday morning, and I was scheduled to teach the children’s class at church. The story I was to teach them about David and Goliath. The focus word for the kids was courage. I was an emotional mess. Everything that morning reminded me of my Mimi—especially this particular story and word. But I would not quit. I would go tell the story of David and Goliath and my Mimi.

As I stood before the kids, I didn’t have to embellish the story to hold their attention. The story of how a shepherd boy defeated a nine-foot giant armed only with a little slingshot, some common river rocks, and an enormous belief in his God is still riveting to me.

WORLD_CHANGER_screenWhen I finished, I promised these children God would never ask them to fight a nine-foot giant with a slingshot! I did promise them, however, that at some time in their life—and probably more than once—that He would ask them to do something that was very difficult, very scary, and could only be accomplished with an enormous belief in their Creator, and all the courage they could muster. Every adult in the room nodded their agreement.

I then told them about my little grandmother and the giant she had to fight. It wasn’t a nine-foot-tall Philistine. It was prejudice and racism in the Deep South during the early 1940s and 50s before there was a civil rights movement. She fought this injustice courageously because it was simply wrong to treat any person with cruelty. She spoke up when it would have been safer to be quiet. She battled this giant because she believed her God asked her to. And now, I do the same. It is my purpose.

Our purpose is in our DNA and it is often in our histories and the generations that have come before us! Sometimes we must look back in the past before we can journey to our future.

There is deposited within us a desire within us to matter—it is part of our identity and destiny! That desire is for us to be water-walkers, giant-slayers, and history-makers. If you don’t have a family tree that includes a grandmother like mine, your destiny may be to be the very first water-walker, giant-slayer, and history-maker in your family!  Take courage! Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

You being you matters. It matters to this generation and the one to come!

How high will be the ceiling you leave for the next generation? Ignore the “what ifs” and the “how will I ever” taunts of the giant. You will be provided with all the slingshots and rocks you will ever need. Let your passion compel you into action!

Let your life be the breadcrumbs others will follow to their unique destinies!

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