Dare to Dream

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

I challenge you. Dare to dream. Dare to imagine the impossible becoming possible, the ordinary; extraordinary, the mediocre; miraculous. You are chosen, you are designed, and you are created on purpose for a specific, unique purpose. Shout it out loud! Risk being seen as crazy. What do you really have to lose … except the fulfillment of your dreams?

As I stumbled along on my own journey, trying to find the courage daily to be the me I was created to be, I found another reason why birthing our dreams is so important. When you are being the “you who you were created to be,” people notice and are impacted. Your destiny isn’t for you, it is for others. Someone is waiting for you to be you.

Any and everything you have to battle through to uncover your identity and discover your destiny is worth it! Someone may be praying a prayer to God right now, waiting on Him to answer and move but maybe just maybe He is waiting on you.

“I would be dead if it wasn’t for you and your dreams. If you had not said yes to God I would not be here.”

Those words were spoken to me by a child who had been trafficked for sex since she was six years old. That is impact. I shudder to think where I would have been if I had not chosen to believe what God says about me, my life, my destiny and my circumstances. I admit there were days when I wavered with doubt, flirted with indecision, and cried a bucket of tears—but I never gave up. I never stopped believing. Quitting just wasn’t an option.

Please don’t be one of those who give up when things get difficult. Vow to never quit. Believe. Speak. Fight for your identity and your destiny. There is so much at stake! Never apologize for being you. Don’t play small so others feel better. Daily find the courage to be who you were created to be, nothing more, but absolutely refuse to settle for anything less and then encourage everyone else that crosses your path to do the same!

Speaking out loud, acting bold, seeming crazy, are all acts of faith that will grow you and your dreams. Dream big!

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