Identity Comes Before Destiny

To Find Your Courage, You Must Go Back To The Times When You Didn’t Have It.

Your ability to fulfill your purpose may be hindered by an experience that caused you shame, humiliation, or cowardice. You may have vowed to never be that vulnerable again. That vow from the past may be keeping you from your world changing destiny. By reflecting on your past, clues can be provided for your future. It does take courage to look back but it is often necessary if we are to stop settling for less than we were created.courage_png_by_gleeaddicted-d51kev8


When I was a young girl, I was ordered to go to the principal’s office. Terrified and not knowing what to expect, I was mortified to hear my faith and dreams ridiculed by someone I thought to be trustworthy. The moment made a big impact on my young psyche: I was afraid and embarrassed to be me. Ashamed for having talked so passionately about my dreams, I thought the best course of action was to just quit being me and bury my dreams.


These little situations, especially when we’re young, can act like colossal wrecking balls to our sense of self. Unearthing hurts lodged deep within your soul may provide you with understanding of when you stopped being you. Take time to come to peace with these wrongs and pains, allowing yourself time to understand your reactions and choices that have brought you to this time and this place.


Who hurt you? What pained you? What dreams did you bury long ago? When did you begin settling for less than you were created? Let yourself cry for those past versions of yourself. Walk through your feelings and release the epiphanies therein. Trust your Creator. Confide in family and friends. Journal your discoveries. To be and do all you were created to, you must first determine who you were created to be. You were created on purpose for a purpose. Do you have the courage to be you?