It is Your Choice

I have read numerous books written by professional counselors, therapists, and psychologists who specialize in human behavior stating the following, which I have paraphrased:


You must change the way you think

before you can change the way you feel,

which ultimately changes how you choose to act!

school_choiceOur mind is truly the battlefield over which our emotions, our actions, and our reactions are produced. I am in the camp that believes and holds to the truth that thoughts then produce emotions, and emotions produce our choices (i.e. our behaviors and actions).

Typically, I am someone who likes everyone I meet. Several years ago, I met a woman and had an instant, incredible, passionate dislike for her. I could not describe what I felt because it made no sense. She was an encourager and champion of the underdog, but I couldn’t stand her. The craziest thoughts would pop into my head about her. I spent hours rehearsing conversations with her that never took place.

When I was forced to be around her, I masked my disdain by slapping a smile on my face and faking a friendship with her. When I wasn’t around her I criticized her every move. I know! I was awful! I finally had to sit myself down and analyze my thoughts and emotions. Immediately, I had a crazy thought: Write her a note telling her that I was praying for her every day and the ministry she was overseeing. I didn’t “feel” like it, and I certainly had no “logical” reason for doing so. Yet I chose to do just that.

Every time one of these crazy thoughts or emotions popped into my head about this woman, I would counter them with “positive thoughts” about her. To my utter amazement, over the next few weeks, my entire thought life and emotions toward this woman changed. We became great friends and partners. This was an amazing lesson during my journey of purpose. I can change how I feel by simply changing my thoughts. I have the power of choice to do just that. I shudder to think where I would be in my own journey of destiny had I not realized when I control my thoughts, a different feeling is produced which causes a different choice.

You have a unique purpose. Choose to believe it and eventually you will feel it.