It Takes Trust

“Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust.Without it, you have nothing.”- Unknown

When my son Austin, was in the fourth grade, I was asked to teach his Sunday school class. The lesson that day was on trusting our Creator. When the boys all arrived and were settled in their chairs, I asked them to come up and form a line in front of me. I asked Austin to take the last place. I asked the first boy to come stand about two feet in front of me, with his back to me. I then asked him to close his eyes and cross his hands over his chest.

design2-1024x1024Then I told him to “fall backwards.”

His eyes flew open and he turned around, shocked. I repeated the instructions, got him in place again, and said, “Now fall backwards.”

 He couldn’t do it.

None of the fifteen boys in the line could do it.

Then it was my son’s turn. Confidently, he stood in front of me, back turned, eyes closed, arms crossed, and with complete trust he fell back into my arms without hesitation. He did this because he knew me. He had a history and a relationship with me, thus he trusted me.

Trust cannot be rushed. It is evidence-based. It is established through experience. We learn to trust another person, or even a product, over time. Trust is birthed from a history of faithfulness. Trust is a peace that settles in our soul and originates from a deep, intimate relationship or knowledge of another. Trust is achieved slowly during the routine, daily dialogue of our lives. The more trust that has been established between two individuals, the more that other person is invited to speak into our lives and our circumstances.

On any given day human beings can fight fires, save lives, get an education, buy a home, get a job, build a building, paint a picture, invent a device, and have a baby all without divine intervention. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. But if we are to tap into the divine, then we are going to need to be trained in attempting things that look impossible and are certain to fail without help. That is why we need to go through boot camp: to learn to trust others, ourselves, and our Creator.

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