Needs, Wants, and Values

There Is No One Else Like You.

need-or-wantYou are special, unique, and original. If all that is true, then why in the world do we strive so very hard for most of our lives trying to look and act like everyone else? We spend more time attempting to reinvent ourselves rather than getting to know ourselves. That is just plain wrong! I encourage you to get to know yourself. Examine your needs, your wants and your values. Knowing these three things about yourself will accelerate your journey to your destiny!

Needs are conditions, things, and feelings that you must have to be satisfied in life, to be content, to experience fulfillment and what some would even call finding happiness. Often, needs are the things that must be met before you can really “get on” with life. When we have unmet needs, we tend to get stuck in a rut of a particular behavior or thought pattern and are more susceptible to being sad, depressed, angry, or resentful. What do you need to motivate you to be and do all you were created for? What do you need in place in order for you to do your best, to never quit, and never give up? What do you need to fight for your true identity and destiny? Take some time to journal your answers.

Wants are distinct from needs. Wants are conditions, things, or experiences that you feel would optimize your life. Wants, just like needs, can be the motivator that gets you out of bed every day! The things you want, when processed with your Creator, can give you a glimpse into the destiny you have been created for. Define your wants and then review periodically. What do you want out of life? What do you want to be your legacy?

Values are strong foundational beliefs that anchor our lives. They are the nonnegotiable characteristics that best describe who we are and what we live for. Think about where you spend most of your time and effort. When are you the happiest and most fulfilled? Examine what frustrates you. Frustration can sometimes show you where your life is out of balance and how you’re lacking the very things you value. Have you ever considered what you value? What is most important to you in life? What is non-negotiable and why?

I encourage you to spend the time and make a careful assessment of who you are analyzing these three things. It takes time but the investment will pay huge dividends—to you and to those waiting for you to be you.