Pinpoint Your Passion

“Finding your passion isn’t about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self. The only one You’ve buried beneath other people’s needs.”– Kristin Hannah

On the first day of a spiritual gifts class I attended at my church, we were asked by the instructor: “What are you passionate about?”

Passion? My passion? Me? Hmmmmmmm … The question loomed. I didn’t have an answer. My anxiety mounted as the group began putting their pens down; each person’s paper was full of passions. My paper was blank. The instructor began calling on people to share. I had no idea what I would say when it was my turn. Jenny? My mind was blank, my hands were sweating but my mouth blurted out everything – I am passionate about everything!

That was my problem.

Whatever we were having a conversation about I have an opinion on and a passion about. Ugh! How would I ever find my destiny if I couldn’t narrow down one particular passion?

I went home that night, embarrassed and whined to my husband about my predicament. I know your passion. You are the Dear Abby of the neighborhood. You love to talk. You love to give advice. You love to give encouragement. You are the eternal cheerlead! Yes! I am! Yes! I do!

This profound discovery of my passion, led me to action: I opened my home weekly to a small group of women to “do” life together. We read books, did bible studies, laughed, cried and shared our hearts – intimately and authentically. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was doing something that lined up with my passion. This group of women became the first righteous girlfriend group (RGG). We believed for and with each other. This was my first taste of my destiny—of being and doing all I was created to be and do. It was highly addictive!

Defining my passion was difficult for me, but it was a clue to my destiny. Passion was so nebulous to me. I could recognize it in others but not in myself. I did a little research on the word to help clarify exactly what a passion is. Webster calls it “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, such as love or hate.” Ah, simplicity!

So on your journey to your destiny look for clues in what you love, hate, or get emotional about? What is your passion?

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