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A Faith-Driven Journey to Your True Identity and Water-Walking, Giant-Slaying, History-Making Destiny.

Testimonials & Endorsements

“People who work with human trafficking victims, I call courageous – Jenny Williamson is one of those people. This book details her journey of purpose to helping young girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. But it is more. This book is about you and me finding the courage to be and do all God created us to. Read it! You’ll be encouraged and challenged.” — Jeremy Affeldt, Pitcher & World Series Champion, San Francisco Giants

Jenny Williamson is a one-woman wrecking crew! She lives the message of this book and proves what you can do if you have the courage to be YOU!”— Reggie McNeal, Best-selling author, Get Off Your Donkey! Help Somebody and Help Yourself

“Life, as we all know, it can be hard and with that comes bitterness and pain. Often without even knowing it we can become jaded, disguising cynicism as maturity and some how down the line we forget how to dream. My hope is that this book will do the same for you as it has done for me. Stirring you on to shake of any doubt that you were made for incredible things. We get one shot to tell a great story and thanks to Jenny and this book I am re-inspired and re-ignited to write an incredible one with my life”— Gospel Artist, Philip LaRue

“The book, Do You Have the Courage to Be You, is the biographical statement of a water walker and giant slayer. Read this book and Jenny’s story will become your story. Jenny knows that Identity precedes Destiny. This book will help you discover, define, and develop the future that you were made for from all eternity. God is on the move; participating with this book will help you join Him in your journey!”— Dr. John Jackson is the President of William Jessup University and the author of six books on leadership, spiritual transformation, and communication.

“Jenny Williamson is a trailblazer and exceptional leader. She has led ministries, companies, and non-profit organizations to new heights through her belief in each person’s potential. God has uniquely equipped her to help unlock all of your potential. Spend the time and learn this way of discovering a new layer of your purpose and significance. She has packed into this workbook the tools you will need to uncover what God has designed you to do. Her unique perspective and exercises are extremely helpful. This material will thoroughly enrich you. I wholeheartedly endorse Jenny and her material. Enjoy; you will be significantly richer for having gone through it.” — Dr. Gil Stieglitz, Discipleship Pastor, Bayside Church, Founder & President of Principles to Live By (ptlb.com), and the author of twenty-five books.

“The Uniquely You study is awesome. It helped me uncover my unique qualities and motivated me to move forward in life with courage, not settling for less than all that God has for me!” — Celeste Reinhart, Uniquely You Conference Attendee

“Jenny is a highly-effective communicator with a passion to help people find their purpose. Not only does she provide practical insights in an engaging way but she embodies her message through the example of her own life. Her dedication to providing homes for girls who have been trafficked is unstoppable, and she motivates others to take action in ways that are changing our world. That is why we chose her and her organization, Courage Worldwide, to be featured in the documentary In Plain Sight.” — David Trotter, Documentary Filmmaker, Author, Speaker, Executive Producer of “IN PLAIN SIGHT: Stories of Hope and Freedom”

“Every human being has both a story and a journey. When God connects with us He wants us to understand how we are known in heaven. Identity is the catalyst for transformation because we can engage with a higher level of truth than the facts of our history. I really love Jenny’s book [Do You Have the Courage to Be You?]. It is alive with kind intention, grace, powerful truth and life changing opportunities for us to step into a new story and take the road to a different destination.” — Graham Cooke, Speaker, Author, and Mentor

“Many of us look at the atrocities of our world and say, ‘How horrible,’ but occasionally some brave soul says, ‘How can I help bring an end to this?’ Think of William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa. Jenny Williamson is such a brave soul, and Courage Worldwide is a long-overdue answer to the problem of human trafficking. I am honored to be a friend and supporter of this tremendous ministry.” — Dr. Rick Stedman, Former Senior Pastor, Adventure Christian Church

“As a fellow abolitionist, it is my privilege to join hands with Jenny and Courage Worldwide. Many people do not realize that sex trafficking is happening in the United States. I’m honored to help shine a spotlight on the problem and give people a chance to be a part of the solution.” — Natalie Grant, singer/songwriter—a Grammy nominated, five time GMA, Dove Award winner for Female Vocalist of the Year and human trafficking abolitionist

Jenny and her tireless team see the human being that has been brutally exploited, and set about to nourish her young soul back into health and possibility. They give a girl a chance to make the courageous choice to run away from her trafficker, because there will be a loving circle of arms to fall into.” — Mira Sorvino, Academy Award Winning Actress & United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking

“In nearly thirty years of ministry, I have found that most people do not know their purpose or God-given destiny. I loved being able to be one of the first people to lead a group of nearly 100 women through the Uniquely You assessment by Jenny Williamson, following her powerful Courage Conference. Jenny’s journey of courage and purpose is inspiring, to say the least, and she is able to make it very personal and engaging for the reader as they begin their own journey. It was beautiful to witness the personal growth and the “Aha!” moments each of the women had as they took their own journey of purpose…. and even more beautiful is to see the lives that have been changed as a result of this study…women that now know their purpose and who are making a difference in this world.”— Stephanie Midthun, Community Relations and Resource Director, Courage Worldwide

Before time began, you were imagined, planned, and created for a specific and unique purpose. There is something you were created to do and if you don’t do it, it will never be done. It is urgent you find the courage to be and do all you were created for.

Someone is waiting for you to be you.


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