“Unless someone like you cares a whole
awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

I loved and love being a wife, and I loved and love being a mom of boys. I would give my life, my time, and my last dime to the men in my life. My longing to matter does not diminish these roles. I believe I am a better wife and mother because of this journey.

unless3Since I said yes to my water walking destiny and opened Courage House, homes for children rescued from sex trafficking, there have been over fifty girls who have called Courage House home and have called me Mom. Each are my daughters. Some are from here in the United States and some are from Tanzania, Africa.

When each arrive at Courage House I tell them that they were created on purpose for a purpose and that before time began God imagined them, planned them, and that He has something for them to do that only they can do and if they don’t do it—it won’t ever be done. I tell them that they are water walkers, giant slayers and history makers. I tell them that I cannot wipe away or even begin to explain the why of their past, I do promise them that we will walk with them into their future. I promise them that we will be there when the nightmares and flashbacks come. We will love them when they don’t love themselves. We call them family. I tell them that they will always have a home and a family. For those who leave … we keep a light on for when they want to come back home.

And for those who are still held captive, I promise you, I will not quit using my voice to shout out loud that it is wrong for children to be sold for sex. I promise you, we will engage a million people, to build a thousand homes in a hundred cities and countries so that hundreds of thousands of you can be rescued and restored — so you can be and do all you were created to.

Spotlight: For more information on the organization Jenny founded, or to be one of the million somebodies that are going to build a 1,000 homes in 100 countries in 10 years so hundreds of thousands of children can be rescued from the evil of sex trafficking, go to courageworldwide.org.

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