We Were Meant to be Together

During Transitions From The Known To The Unknown, You Will Probably Feel Very Alone.


Therefore, it is so important to have the tangible company of another person who is just a few steps ahead of you, fighting for his or her destiny too. Sometimes I need a word of encouragement or a swift kick in the butt to get me moving. I need someone who has walked through the invisible wall of fear and experienced a successful, grace-filled transition. I realize there is a war being fought over me and my destiny. I need my battle buddy.

We were created to be in relationship and community with others. We are designed to need and complement each other. Intimate, authentic relationships with others are a prerequisite for successful transitions. They give us the courage to move.

When I sense a divine invitation into the unknown, the only people I want to talk to, or I want praying for me, are other experienced water-walkers. The other people who surround you in your boat of comfort are usually not water-walkers. When you are transitioning from the known to the unknown, the non-water-walkers in your life will try to hang onto your leg so you can’t do what you know you have been created to do. They will call you crazy. They will say it can’t be done. Once you start trying to get out of your boat, you will stir things up. Prepare for it. You will rock the boat and most people don’t like that. They like the status quo. They like you in their comfort zone.

When you begin transitioning toward your water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making destiny, you will leave people alone in their mediocrity. My advice? Just shake them off and keep on going. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Don’t let anyone speak negativity into your life or tell you that you can’t do what your destiny calls you to do. Don’t listen to them. Remember, you get to choose who will speak into your life.

Find some water-walkers and hang out with them. Ask questions about how they found the courage to get out of their boat. Find people who have persevered through difficult circumstances, courageously believing God for their harvest, and have them pray for you. Read your Bible or other books of faith, and read biographies of water-walkers, giant-slayers, and history-makers and do what they did.

Be courageous. Do something. You will change the world.


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