You Are Planned.

When I Was About Twelve Or Thirteen Years Old, I Discovered That My Parents Had To Get Married Because Of Me.

planned-childWhen I discovered this family secret, my world was not rocked because my parents daily expressed their love and delight in me. However, when I was beginning my own journey of purpose, I was talking to my seventy-five-year-old aunt, my mom’s sister, on the phone. about the circumstances of my birth My Aunt Dean, who has loved me madly since she first learned of my unplanned existence, spoke of my mom’s heart and gently said, “She guarded that secret for so long….but you must know you were no accident; you were planned by God on purpose for a purpose. Your life is proof.”


Warm waves of love flowed over me, on me, and through me. I caught my breath. Her words entered into the core of who I was. I knew she was right, and I felt her words in a place that I didn’t know needed to hear them. I didn’t wrestle with this love or examine it. I just received it, agreed with it, and believed it. I knew deep within me, despite the details of my conception, that this love I felt was truth. My life was planned. I have a purpose and so do you.


Now hear this truth for yourself: No matter the circumstances surrounding your birth, you were planned. You have always been loved. Let those words sink down to the core of your soul. Let them swirl around and settle in your heart. Let their truth be true to you. And let that truth change you from the inside out.


To fulfill our destiny and uncover our identity, we must know and believe this truth. Though you might have been told you were “unplanned,” the truth is that you were always planned by a loving Creator. This is powerful knowledge. If no one has ever told you this truth, then let me be the first. As my aunt said to me, you and your life are no accident. You are, and always were, wanted. Before time began, you were planned for, and you are necessary to this world. You are uniquely crafted and designed to be and do something that no one else on this planet can. Even the actual day of your birth was no accident. Fight for the courage to believe and be you!