YOU Were Created On Purpose for A Purpose.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”- T.D. Jakes

the-word-youBefore time began, plans for you were put in place – plans for you to change your world. Yes – you! Long before you were born, your destiny was considered as your maker crafted you in your mother’s womb. But rest assured, your Creator painted every part of you with divine reasoning and great care. Your eye color, your personality, your IQ, the sound of your laughter, the size of your feet, your aptitudes and abilities, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities – are all part of your design, constructed and finessed for your distinct purpose. The date and location of your birth were strategically chosen. Your dreams and desires were deposited deep inside and upon activation they will lead you to your purpose and destiny.


It’s hard to imagine the thought process that went into creating you. This fact should move you, expand you, and enlarge your view of yourself! Embrace the fact that you are truly one of a kind and not just a random cosmic accident. What has been planned for you, and only you, will astound you!


You were set apart for greatness. You playing “small” benefits no one. You being “less of you” accomplishes nothing. You were created on purpose, for a purpose. Believe it! Allow that phrase to penetrate your heart. Shove aside your insecurities and embrace the fact you can show the world who you truly are.

The truths I have shared with you have transformed my life, and they now propel me out of bed every morning. They override my insecurities and fears. Though life altering and highly addictive, this journey of figuring out who you are and why you are here is not an easy one. Quite honestly, it is incredibly difficult and very scary because it forces us to leave our well-crafted comfort zones for the unknown, the secure for the insecure, and the possible for the impossible. It requires courage to be and do all we were created to be and do. Someone is waiting for you to be you. Do you have the courage to be you?