Your Feelings May Not Be Telling You The Truth.

We Must Learn To Act Out Of Who
We Are And Not What We Feel.

Dear mighty warriors and righteous girlfriends, we should never base our beliefs, our truth, and certainly NOT OUR CHOICES or actions on our feelings! Yes, we are emotional beings; we all “feel.” But to base your value, your self-worth, and your choices on your feelings it is a recipe for disaster.

In the last twenty-four hours, I have probably “felt” countless emotions: some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant, some based on the reality of a situation, and some based on my inaccurate perception. Thus feelings cannot be trusted to make decisions! And they are not good indicators of reality.

In fact, there are times that feelings have nothing to do with truth but with our perception or inaccurate perception of a situation. They should not be trusted, nor should they be the basis and/or justification for our decisions, our actions, and our behaviors! So many times, I have heard people use their “feelings” as an excuse to not move forward into their destinies. Feelings are deceitful! That might be a news flash for some of you.

But wait a minute: if our emotions and thoughts are not to be trusted, if our “heart” it not to be relied on, then what do we base our choices and actions on? Simple. They are based on “truth.” What is really happening in a given situation. What is really going on inside of you that is causing you to act or react. We need to be truthful—gut honest—with ourselves if we want to begin to rule over our emotions instead of them ruling over us.

Quite honestly, it doesn’t matter if you “feel” like you are a water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making person; you need to begin to act like it! Over and over, as I study this topic of emotions and feelings, I am convinced and have seen overwhelming evidence that we have power to make choices in spite of how we feel.

We do not have to be victimized by our emotions, our feelings, or our circumstances! Nothing changes until we change how we think about something. We must stop acting out of our emotions and resolve to be and do in spite of how we feel or the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Destinies are at stake. Your destiny is at stake. Choose how you think about something. If you change your thoughts, you change your emotions which will result in different behaviors