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Do You Have the Courage
to Be You?

Jenny Williamson's book, 'Do You Have the Courage to Be You?', recently re-released as a 10th anniversary edition, is a life-changing guide offering practical advice for discovering and fulfilling your unique purpose. With inspiring stories, this book will empower you to live a life of meaning and impact. Click below to order your copy and start your journey today!

Uniquely You Workbook

Join Jenny Williamson in this 10-week, intentional journey of purpose and courage. Discover your true identity and destiny as you walk step by step through a journey of self-discovery and honest assessment.
Front book cover of Uniquely You Workbook
Front book cover of Transitions: Navigating Change with Grace


Change is inevitable. You were created to walk on water, slay giants, and change the course of history. But you won't get there b
In Transitions, Jenny Williamson shares openly how God used her own difficult transitions to move her out of her comfort zones to the unknown—the place where destines are found.
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