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Jenny Williamson is a published author, key note speaker, successful business leader, modern day abolitionist and social entrepreneur.

On an individual, personal level, she helps people answer the very personal question Who am I? and Why am I here? by examining their stories, personalities and experiences to unearth their unique purpose while inviting them to follow her on a water walking, giant slaying, history making journey. Jenny’s own journey led her to a population of children being sold for sex; she wonders where yours will lead you.

At a corporate and professional level, Jenny promotes cultures of courage and unity, exhibits fearless leadership, singleness of purpose and enormous vision for the future. She is a maximizer and activator with a high level of passion, commitment and integrity. Jenny expounds a message of corporate responsibility to the community encouraging co-branding with non-profits for the purpose of changing the world, one individual at a time. She is the Founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide, an international, non-profit organization that is building homes for children rescued out of sex trafficking. Through personal passion and professional leadership, she works tirelessly to inform communities about child sex trafficking and involve individuals and businesses in building Courage Houses – homes where more children can be rescued and restored. Jenny is a voice for the voiceless, promotes social justice and entrepreneurship to meet the needs of the marginalized in our society by helping them find their unique purpose so they too can make a difference in this world.

As an author and speaker, Jenny is known for her energetic and encouraging messages. Her workshops and conferences are engaging and powerful, and her call to action is challenging and inspiring. Jenny is driven by a desire to see all people equipped, encouraged and empowered to live out the purpose for their lives despite their circumstances. Her candid, humor-filled approach is relevant and life-changing. Jenny believes that discovering and fulfilling one’s unique, God-given purpose is the adventure of a lifetime.

For her impact and efforts in the community, Jenny was awarded the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. She is a L’Oréal of Paris Woman of Worth Honoree. She was also awarded the Community Spirit Award by Sacramento’s District Attorney. In addition, William Jessup University awarded Jenny their prestigious Community Impact Award and Soroptomist International’s Ruby Award. Because of her leadership and knowledge with the issue of child sex trafficking, Jenny has been invited to be part of the California Attorney General’s Working Group on human trafficking as well as Shared Hope International’s Practitioners Working Group for their National Colloquium meeting in Washington, D.C. She speaks locally, nationally and globally as an expert in long term residential care for victims of child sex trafficking.

Jenny was also honored to receive the George H. W. Bush Presidential Points of Light Award.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants

“People who work with human trafficking victims, I call courageous – Jenny Williamson is one of those people. This book details her journey to helping young girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. But it is more. This book is about you and me finding the courage to be and do all God created us to. Read it! You’ll be encouraged and challenged.”

-Jeremy Affeldt, Pitcher & World Series Champion, San Francisco Giants

My personal mission statement is to daily have the courage to be and do all I was created to – nothing more – but absolutely refusing to settle for anything less and then encourage everyone who crosses my path to do the same. You have crossed my path.

I believe that each and every one of us, was created on purpose for a unique and specific purpose. Individually, organizationally, singularly and collectively. You, your family, your business, your church, your team each has a mission to accomplish that will literally change the world – your world – one individual at a time.

I would love to help you shake off that cloak of mediocrity, that façade of comfort and mask of security and lead you out of the ordinary into the extraordinary where you will begin your water walking, giant slaying, history making destiny.

It is my passion for you to find your purpose.

Jenny Williamson





Before time began, you were imagined, planned, and created for a specific and unique purpose. There is something you were created to do and if you don’t do it, it will never be done. It is urgent you find the courage to be and do all you were created for.

Someone is waiting for you to be you.


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